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More On International Test Scores

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Here are the newest additions to The Best Sites For Getting Some Perspective On International Test Comparison Demagoguery:

Put PISA in Perspective is another post by Walt Gardner.

On Those ‘Stunning’ Shanghai Test Scores by James Fallows at The Atlantic.

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  1. Concern for 21st Century Skill Acquisition –

    I presented at the NMSA 2010 Conference in Baltimore on the 21st Century Skill proficiency of our students. In 2003, the PISA tested for problem-solving. I hope that in future PISA assessment, PISA includes another 21st century skill part in the testing. I also reported the PISA 2000, 2003, 2006 US scores for math, science, and reading in my presentation. You can see the presentation at the Conferences link on my website.

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