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“Project Based Learning: Explained.”


The Buck Institute For Education, which has created a number of Project-Based Learning resources that are on The Best Sites For Cooperative Learning Ideas list, have recently had Common Craft, the wildly popular animation company, to create a video on PBL. Here is how Buck describes it, and I’ve embedded the video below the explanation. I’m also adding it to the previously mentioned “The Best…” list:

The Buck Institute for Education commissioned the cutting-edge advertising agency, Common Craft, to create a short animated video that explains in clear language the essential elements of Project Based Learning (PBL).

This simple video makes the essential elements of PBL come alive and brings to light the 21st Century skills and competencies (collaboration, communication, critical thinking) that will enable K-12 students to be college and work-ready as well as effective members of their communities.

Thanks to Dean Shareski for the tip.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Now THAT’s what school should be like — whereas in fact it’s much more like doing absurd things like trying to guess what the ####ing impossibly difficult security word is supposed to be!

  2. This is great. These are important skills to have since they will be used in so many places. Most students have never even heard of project management and have no clue how to work with others.
    This is why I built a free resource for students and teachers called It’s a site which gives people the tools and knowledge to manage their work more effectively and learn valuable skills as well

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