I’ve previously written several posts about how I help students “visualize success.”

Today, The New York Times had a good piece providing examples of how athletes, musicians and surgeons do the same. I thought I’d take this opportunity to share an excerpt from that article, as well as listing links to my previous posts on the topic.

Here’s the excerpt from the NY Times:

Jack Nicklaus, for instance, has said that he has never taken a swing that he didn’t first mentally rehearse, frame by frame. Yo-Yo Ma told me that he remembers riding on a bus, at the age of seven, and solving a difficult musical problem by visualizing himself playing the piece on the cello. Robert Spetzler, who trained with Wilson and is widely considered to be the heir to Wilson’s mantle, says that when he gets into uncharted territory in an operation he feels himself transferring his mental image of what ought to happen onto the surgical field. Charlie Wilson talks about going running in the morning and reviewing each of the day’s operations in his head–visualizing the entire procedure and each potential outcome in advance. “It was a virtual rehearsal,” he says, “so when I was actually doing the operation, it was as if I were doing it for the second time.”

Here are my previous posts on helping students “visualize success”:

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V is for Visualization at Scott Thornbury’s blog is a discussion of research, and teacher’s experiences, of using visualization with language learners.

A study reports that students who set a goal of eating more fruit and visualized actually doing it were more successful than those that did not.

And here’s a report on a study showing that people who visualized a job interview going well did better than those who did not.

Talking to Yourself: Not So Crazy After All is by Annie Murphy Paul at TIME.

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Visualizing Specific Impacts of Climate Change Could Change Behavior is from Scientific American.

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