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I Hope Secretary Duncan Reads Monday’s Edition Of The New York Times


Teacher, My Dad Lost His Job. Do We Have to Move? is the title of a NY Times article today.

Here’s an excerpt:

While Washington measures a school’s worth by test scores, here, on Northland Street, there’s more to it. A few weeks before Christmas, a girl in Mrs. Smith’s class went to school with broken eyeglasses patched together with tape. Each time the girl looked down to read, the glasses fell off. This is a small town, and Mrs. Smith knew the girl’s family was struggling. At 9 a.m., Mrs. Smith asked to borrow the glasses; during her lunch period she drove to her eye doctor; by 12:30 the girl had new pink and green frames.

Yes, Secretary Duncan (and your allies), there is more to teaching than test scores…

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Hello Jerry,
    I’m just touched by this story.
    Bye Martina

  2. Lovely. The Lions’ Club will also replace the glasses free of charge to the family and provide for the check up.

  3. … of course, the fact that she can now read without her glasses falling off would presumably be reflected in her improved test scores. No?

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