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The Best Ways To Make A Map Showing Your Facebook Friends (& Twitter Followers)

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Before I began my “hot spot interviews” ESL/EFL teachers around the world, I thought it would be helpful to see both my Facebook Friends and Twitter Followers on a map. The Facebook sites were particularly helpful. The problem with the Twitter tools was that I could not find any that would show all followers at the same time — they’d only show a limited number at once. But that information was useful, just slightly less convenient.

Here are my choices for The Best Ways To Make A Map Showing Your Facebook Friends (& Twitter Followers):


My Friend Map

Placebook is new app that I didn’t know about until yesterday, when it was shared by Information Aesthetics. It looks interesting.

Social Mine;

I’ve previously posted about Tripline, which is an excellent application that students can use for making maps of field trips, historical events, etc.They’ve now just announced new tools that let you create maps of your Facebook friends. They not only do they let you make maps of where your friends live, but you can also make maps of their most recent “check-ins” and where they grew up.You can read all about it at Tripline.


Your Twitter Followers Mapped

Map My Followers (you can read more about the site at Read Write Web)


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