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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

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  1. Valarie Strauss’ column is rhetoric, not reason. Reading her, one would think that there are people who believe that every time a personnel decision has to be made, the veteran teacher should be fired and the newbie should be kept. I don’t think that any sensible principal or policy maker is actually saying that. The push is to have retention decided by merit and ability, not solely by seniority. Yes, it is true that a more senior teacher has experience and knowledge that a newer teacher does not. However, it is certainly possible that more senior teachers have reached burnout or are not putting in the effort that they once did, and it is just as possible that a newer teacher bring a tremendous amount to the classroom. By imputing to some people the view that they want personnel decisions made based on a lack of seniority, she actually shows how ridiculous it is to base those decisions on having seniority.

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