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Good Site For Beginning ELL’s

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About a year ago I posted about a new site for beginning readers created by a North Carolina-based organization called GCF Learn Free. They also are responsible for Everyday Life, an extraordinary interactive site for ELL’s sponsored by a North Carolina-based organization called GCF Learn Free. It’s on several of my “The Best…” lists.

I had concerns then about the confusing navigation on the site. However, it appears they have made it considerably clearer. It’s still very unusual — different from just about any other similar application out there. But that “unusualness” might very well make it attractive to beginning English Language Learners.

You can find it at this link, and then click on “Reading.”

I’m adding it to The Best Websites To Help Beginning Readers.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

One Comment

  1. Thanks Larry for the Shoutout! As our Reading program was originally created for adult native-English learners, perhaps that is why our program is set up differently than other ESL/ELL programs? Either way, we’re glad that ESL/ELL students have also been able to use the program. Let us know if there is anything you could think of that we could do to improve our site!

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