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Wow! Web Doc Looks Really Neat!


Richard Byrne has found another winner in Web Doc, a new sorta’ blogging platform that makes it super simple to write individual “docs.” I especially like its ability to search the Web for images within your “doc” and just post it into what you’re writing. It also lets you add a speech bubble to the photo. It has tons more features, including providing an embed code, and you can read more about it at Richard’s post.

One of its neatest features, as Richard notes, is the ability to for people to create their own “Web Doc” as a comment. The problem for classroom use, however, is that it doesn’t appear to allow moderation for comments. So, I think for most teachers, the best option for now (until they add that feature) is to use one of their other nice features — the ability to disable comments. However, since they are embeddable, it would certainly be easy enough to embed it in a post on an Edublog, for example, and just have people leave comments there.

I’m adding Web Doc to The Best Places Where Students Can Write Online.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. To centralize the teaching resources on the cloud can also good for arranging and updating the materials, which is what I looking for to see in recent future.

  2. Hi Larry,

    Thanks for the plug. I agree the option to embed the whole “Web Doc” is a great option.


  3. I really liked it. My first thought, was that it could be another alternative to glogster. My students have had difficulties getting sound files to play on glogster after they are uploaded. I like that you can search for music, vid, and images very easily from within the document.

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