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The Best Photos From The White House News Photographers Association


I didn’t know that there was even a White House News Photographers Association, much less knowing that they had annual awards that highlighted photos that went far beyond the White House.

They just announced this year’s awards, and I thought I’d put together a short list of where you can could find new winners and winners from previous years.

You also might be interested in The Best Ways To Use Photos In Lessons. I have several other “The Best…” lists focusing on winners of various photography awards, and I will soon be bringing them all together in one “compilation” list.

Here are The Best Photos From The White House News Photographers Association:

The Washington Post’s White House News Photographers Association 2011 award winners
is a Washington Post slideshow.

One of the contests they have is called Eyes of History. You can see this year’s winners of that contest here. At the top of the page you’ll see headings like “Still Photography,” “Video Photography,” etc. Click on each one of those to find further links to sub-categories.

The same goes for Eyes of History prize winners for 2010 here.

All winners from previous years can be found at this link.

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