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One More Week To Share “What Will You Do Differently Next Year?”


There is one more week left to contribute your responses to the question: “What Will You Do Differently Next Year?”

You can read more about it, and see what people have contributed so far, at my original post asking that question. It would be great if you could leave your answer in the comments at that post.

I’ll be posting everyone’s responses in early July.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. What will I do differently next year?

    I will listen more and talk less being an English EFL teacher this is probably the most important thing.

    I will certainly have to be extra patient then to wait until my students go through what they have to say.

    I will try not to fidget whenever they make a mistake. This will probably help me be calm and patient.

    We tested filming in class at the end of this year and I think my students will improve their accent (not a French strong point I am afraid) if I do it more often. They liked it a lot too. It will need careful planning so that we do not lose too much time over it.

    We will collaborate more with more people across the world. I would like my students to realize this will be part of their everyday future life and job. I would like them to understand what makes other people’s life different/ similar to them, what they like and what interests them.
    Having them do a complete work from beginning to end and display it will be one of our goals next year. I believe this will teach them to get more organized, be more independent but what I like best with this is that they learn how to bring something to its completion. They usually feel very proud and satisfied with their work, it makes the process rewarding for everybody because finishing something, being able to show it gives them (and me) a great feeling of achievement.

  2. I’ll be trying to educate our online student by giving them more online resources to help them study better and enhance their education. Being able to allow our student to know it’s not impossible for them to reach their goals. Letting them know that as long as you keep trying, you will become great in the result.

    Larry, what will you be doing differently next year?

    American Central High School

  3. Simple – more computer time- dumb “pacing” guides left no time for projects – computers – allowing students to follow their own inclinations. To hell with pacing guides – constant assessments no one reviews and top down directions. Back to what I know – teach what you love and let them learn a bit on their own.

  4. I’ll spend my holidays on learning about m-learning so that in the fall I’m ready to introduce it into my classroom.

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