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This Is Such A Good Article On So Many Levels: “A Failing School? Not to These Students”


Check-out today’s New York Times article, A Failing School? Not to These Students.

It’s about one of the many schools that Mayor Bloomberg is trying to close in New York City this year in the face of enormous community opposition.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Thank you so much Larry for pointing the rest of the country to the article about my Alma Mater -Jamaica High School and the plight of the New York City Schools as a whole. It is has been a devastating decade watching Bloomberg wrest control of the NYC schools and then do an amazing job of creating the 21Century of the Emperor’s New Clothes. While Time Magazine claimed Bloomberg and his puppet chancellor Joel Klein the poster children for Education Reform in this country, those of us actually participating in the system watched with horror as our curriculum was reduced to nothing but pure test prep, our integrity was compromised with credit recovery and the college preparedness of our students all be disappeared while graduation rates sky rocketed

    Thank you- for pointing at the naked emperor.

  2. I cannot agree with Lori more. I have believed the changes have been for change in my “failing school.” Nearly 10 years ago, my school got overage freshmen with elementary level reading and math scores. Before that time, we accepted only about 18% of low skill students. By two years later, we had a C, then a D. No surprise. But the bogus “credit recovery” has turned many a student into a much lazier one. Now failing a class leads to multiple choice “credit crunch” sessions. Imagine teaching the student who passed nearly nothing honestly the next year. We will fail. It is the political plan. The future of our teens matters little to Mayor Bloomberg. I feel more morally compromised and discouraged each year.

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