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Research On Music & ELL’s


Many ESL/EFL teachers use music with their students, and I’ve shared many related resources and ideas at The Best Music Websites For Learning English.

I’m making some new additions to that list focused on research that supports using music in the classroom:

Effectiveness of Music on Vocabulary Acquisition, Language Usage, and Meaning for Mainland Chinese ESL Learner

Using Music in the Adult ESL Classroom. ERIC Digest.

ESL Through Music

I’d love to hear additional suggestions from readers….

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Hola! I was reading your blog and thinking that maybe you or your readers find interesting this new language learning website. It has a lot of music videos subtitled in English, Spanish and French! Check it out!

  2. I regularly play classical music in the classroom. It started off because our library had a load of Cds laying around, and i don’t know much about classical music. Now it’s just nice, and a talking point if nothing else. Quite often everyone will just stop what they are doing saying “oh i know this!!” when Nutcracker suite or something comes on. Great for emergent language!

    • So affirming to see the comments about the use of music in the classroom. As a new teacher over two decades ago, I would play classical music at the beginning of the day and change the genre depending the activities we were engaged in! Music is the universal language and she a key component of all school programs.

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