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More Info On Comcast’s Internet Service For Low-Income Students

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A couple of days ago I posted Comcast Begins Program To Offer Inexpensive Internet Access & Computers To Low-Income Families. It looks impressive.

Today, NPR ran piece about the program too — Comcast Announces $10 Web Access For Low-Income Families.

It has some interesting info, including the fact that Comcast was required to do a program like this in order to get their purchase of NBC approved earlier this year.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

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  1. I registered my school to receive printed materials for first day envelopes and back to school night. I ordered a few different sets of brochures and stuff for 600 families and got a polite confirmation call the next day. They couldn’t have made it easier.

    My school has about 70-75% free-reduced. I know the number would be higher, but parents tell me the school lunches are of such low quality it isn’t worth filling out the form. So we lose title one money.

    I am hoping that some of the families feel more motivated by cheap high-quality internet than by free low-quality processed food.

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