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Viewbix Lets You Make Easy “Interactive” Videos, But Is It Useful In The Classroom?


NOTE: The creators of Viewbix left a comment on this post which shares some excellent, and obvious, ways to use this in education. I guess I wasn’t fully awake when I couldn’t think of any 🙂

Viewbix is a new free web tool that lets you bring a little interactivity to pretty much any online video. Here’s an example I created in about one minute — if you click on the button you’ll be taken to the Save Our Schools website:

I’m having a hard time thinking of how it could be used in a classroom, though. Any ideas?

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


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  2. Just tried this today – basically took me less than an hour from signing up to having a tweaked video up via this software.
    I reckon this can only get better. What do you think easy or what!

  3. Larry,

    Education is one of the use cases we discussed when building Viewbix. Viewbix gives you the ability to share a great lecture or video demo with a group, and include tools with the video that enhance the presentation. Now you can record a lecture, distribute handouts or slides (coming soon!), chat/skype with a teacher directly, add a twitter feed to follow the lecturer, etc.. Viewbix gives you a truly interactive learning experience all in one screen. Also, all Viewbix players that are created can be viewed on your site, Facebook (in stream) blogs etc.. as well as your mobile devices including iPad and iPhone.

    It can also be used as a marketing tool to invite people to lectures both on and offline by using our integrated google maps app. There are many more examples but these are just a few to get your readers creative juices going.

    BTW, we welcome any suggestions for apps that we may hot have thought of yet. Stay in touch. If you have any questions email .


    COO Viewbix

  4. I played with Viewbix a bit yesterday…and thought about:

    –a book trailer with a link to student reviews, the author’s website, similar titles or the library catalog
    –a video linked to a quiz (comprehension) or poll (opinion)
    –a video linked to a bibliography or webliography for more information on the topic
    –a student report with video as an introduction with a link to his/her/their wiki or glog on the topic
    –a video linked to a google map mashup or timeline of the event

    I do think there is some potential—even more if students use videos THEY create–like maybe with Sock Puppets (thanks for that lead! SO much fun!)

    I never got photos to load in my Viewbix, but I’ll try again. Maybe I missed something.

  5. Here’s a try at using ViewBix for instruction and using some of the interactive features. What do you think? Useful tool?

    Like most, I guess…it depends!

  6. Downside: doesn’t work on mobile platforms (yet)
    and the embed code can’t be shared

    Please note I was just trying as many of the features as I could–not something I would use as is, but I do see possibilities!

  7. Donna,

    Thanks for the feedback and you created a great Viewbix! Regarding mobile, the studio today is in flash but a mobile version is on the roadmap. However, once you create and embed your Viewbix player on your blog, website, twitter etc.. it can be viewed on any mobile device including iPads and iphones with all the interactions that you added.

    Sharing embed code it slated a an upcoming release.


    COO Viewbix

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