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“Blog challenge: compare and contrast photo”


Brad Patterson has begun a “Blog Challenge: compare and contrast photo” inviting bloggers to share two somewhat similar photos that students can “compare and contrast.” It’s a great idea, and you can find a list of links on Brad’s blog of teachers who have taken up that challenge and posted their own two similar photos. It’s a treasure trove!

And now here is my contribution. The first is a photo of students on a San Francisco field trip, and the second is one of students celebrating Hmong New Year.

I’ll be adding this post to The Best Ways To Use Photos In Lessons.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


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  2. Thanks for joining in Larry.

    Two hats in both pics. Different feelings coming from both groups’ eyes. Would be interesting to “project” what we think each person’s expression is saying. The Hmong picture reminded me of the time I spent in Tibet, and I added a pic back on my blog in response to your comment. Cheers, Brad

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