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The Best Articles I’ve Written In 2011

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I obviously write a lot of blog posts here, as well as one book, each year on education issues. In addition, I write a fair number of articles that appear in other publications like The Washington Post, ASCD Educational Leadership, Education Week, The Huffington Post and others (not to mention my weekly teacher advice column in Education Week Teacher).

Here’s a list of them that appeared in 2011 (and you can see all the articles I’ve written here):

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

One Comment

  1. Larry —

    With respect to your first prediction for 2012 picked up in the Washington Post today, I think we will continue to see a lack of courage when it comes to education reform discussions. Advocates seem to fear hurting the thing they love by naming it and lapse into name calling what we don’t like as “corporate”, “corp reform”, “no excuses reform”, “ed deform”, “greEdreform”, or even the pun “Rheeform.”

    I recognize that some on the progressive left are starting to use the term “social context reform” but that seems overly broad.

    It does not matter to me what the positive things we all want are called but we’ll make better use of our time if we pick some terms and run with those.

    Right now, we seem better at coming up with names for things we hate than things we love.

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