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This is the first post in a weekly or bi-weekly series I’ll be publishing regularly. It will share a few posts from around the Web related to ESL or EFL that have caught my attention:

stuck in a lift is a hilarious video that was posted by ELTbites, along with suggestions on how to use it with students. There is one line said by a character that probably makes it unusable in a K-12 classroom, but it’s well worth watching.

Food for Thought… and for Better Classroom Management is by Dave Dodgson. He offers some excellent classroom management advice that’s applicable in any school situation.

Teacher: Talk in pairs. Student: Why? comes from Box of Chocolates. The thirty-four comments off excellent reasons to give students for why there is value in having them speak with each other — even if neither is fluent in English.

Teacher James provides some excellent Silent Movies, along with suggestions on how to use them in class for language development.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Hi larry – thanks for posting this, ‘stuck in a lift is a great video clip’. I think it will be very useful for teacher training programmes but as you point out not so appropriate for K-12

  2. Great idea, Larry. I’ve just written a post that might be interesting for your blog readers:

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