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The Best — And Easiest –Tools To Use For Embedding A Document


(NOTE: Great additional suggestions are being left in the comments section of this post)

It can sometimes be useful to be able to embed a document so it can be easily read and shared on a blog or website. There are many simple tools that make this possible, and I thought I’d create a quick list of them. I’m sure I’m missing some obvious choices, so I hope you’ll help me and others out by sharing suggestions in the comments section.

Here are my choices for The Best Tools To Use For Embedding A Document:

I was prompted to write this list after I learned about a new site called Group Docs today.



How to Embed a PDF Document Into Your Website is a post from Make Use of that shares other ideas.

What simple tools am I missing, and I mean simple, please…

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. I have used Zoho Viewer – – in the past and found it quite easy to use. You can upload files or grab them from a URL. If you check the Publish This box, you can choose the amount of time the document will be available. The URL is private so it can also be used for emailing documents easily. Those who view it can also download it. No signup, either.

    Thank you for the great list! Love the blog.


  2. I’ve been usin for the past year. It’s great for sharing and embedding docs and PDFs.

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