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  1. “Lots of lessons . . . for teachers and parents . . . .”

    Not one lesson for students? Do students younger than 18 have not one atom of personal responsibility and accountability? Are they merely and solely “resources,” like inanimate matter, with no agency?

    Lessons for adults:

    1. Get your child’s attention first, before speaking. Or, more precisely, as necessary, discipline your child to pay attention the first time you speak.

    2. Use language your child understands. (“Huh?” “Whut?”)

    3. Develope in your child some meaningful sense of personal responsibility.

    Lesson for child/student:

    1. Pay attention to and do not interrupt Mom. (Remember, “If Momma ain’t happy, then nobody’s happy.”)

    2. Develope some personal responsibility. Remember, one day, sooner or later, there will no longer be any adult around whom you’ve previously tasked to entertain you when you become bored. Your parents and teachers are not your bloody indentured servants (though they may feel like it sometimes).

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