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  1. haha, it’s so true!
    Why do teachers end up in the lecture trap and bore students to death? Maybe it’s the result of poor planning. Lecture certainly doesn’t engage students or hold their attention.

  2. Certainly is not the poor planning but the poor experiences we have as teachers. We teach having the teachers who taught us in our mind. We are children of an old system and we need to have a great will to change ourselves.

  3. One skill set youngsters need to develope is that of entertaining oneself.

    Too many youngsters act like Jeremy – slovenly, unmotivated, entitled. (Compare his situation to that of young Afghani girls who desperately desire an education and run significant risk of having acid hurled in their faces – if not their noses amputated – for being so “presumptuous.”)

    There are all kinds of interesting writers and lecturers and topics on the internet. For example, how about Richard Dawkins”s early 90’s “Christmas Lectures”? He’s also recently written, for the roughly Grades 5-8 group, “The magic of Reality: How We Know What’s Really True.”

    Some of us of a certain older age regaled in watching Carl Sagan’s “Cosmos” thirty years ago. Is that too great a burden for the delicate intellectual sensibilities of the current crop of adolescents?

    There are boring, and there are engaging/entertaining, lecturers. I think it reasonable to say that an engaging lecturer is likely an engaging writer. If a student is bored by whom The Reasonable Person would deem an engaging/entertaining lecturer, then s/he will likely be bored by reading a good book.

    Some months ago an adolescent girl was quoted in the NY Times to the effect that email was so “lame.” If such an entitled human can’t handle constructing a short email, when may one expect the 140 character-max “tweeting” to similarly become “lame”?

    Too, what’s the inconvenience of sitting and listening to a lecture or reading a book compared to that of writing a five-paragraph essay? What would students have teachers and other adults do to make that task less onerous? The teacher/adult write the essay for the student?

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