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The Best Advice For New Teachers


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Check out my Education Week Teacher series on advice for new teachers

And here’s a second series on problems facing new teachers I did for Ed Week

Some great additional links have been in the comments section, so be sure to check them out, too!

This is just a start for a “The Best…” list with advice for new teachers. I’m hoping readers will contribute a lot more resources.

Here are my choices for where you can get The Best Advice For New Teachers:

Ten Alternative Tips for New Teachers is from Nancy Flanagan at Education Week.

12 Tips for New Teachers is from Larry Miller at Rethinking Schools.

22 of MiddleWeb’s Best New Teacher Resources

Twenty Tidbits for New Teachers is by Lisa Dabbs at Edutopia.

Roxanna Elden is a great writer and author of See Me After Class: Advice for Teachers by Teachers. Here are some of her excellent articles for new teachers:

Class Dismissed! Parent Communication Tips for Younger Teachers

Teacher Advice: The Good, the Bad, and “That Would Never Happen in MY Class.”

Class Dismissed! Your Principles vs. Your Principal: How to Speak Up and When to Shut Up

Before Thanksgiving Comes The “Disillusionment Phase” For New Teachers

A Skeptic’s Guide to Loving Surviving Teaching in Tough Times

And here’s a “bonus”: one for the people who train and support new teachers — Politics Aside–For New Teachers, It’s Still November

Politics Aside–For New Teachers, It’s Still November
is by Roxanna Elden. It provides advice on how experienced teachers and administrators can best support new teachers.

New Teacher 911 comes from Middleweb.

Five Tips for New Teachers to Become Connected Educators is from Edutopia.

Eighty-Six Things I Learned at P.S. 86 is a great guest post by Hallie Fox over at Larry Cuban’s blog. Here are the first eleven:

Be the first class down at fire drills
Take the stairs not the elevator; it does get stuck and your kids will have no teacher
Know Maria (payroll)
Avoid Dunkin Donuts
Speak powerfully – yell only when it really counts
Don’t make promises you can’t keep
Keep your lab-top over the summer (getting it back the first few weeks is a loose term)
Have Jerry’s Number programmed (IT)
Make Normal Fuentes (or another 30 year veteran) your best friend
Ask for help from people you trust; don’t always take their advice
Know the janitors

The First-Year Teaching Roller Coaster is by David Ginsburg.

New Teacher Survival Guide is a series of videos from The Teaching Channel.

10 commandments for new teachers is from The Guardian.

33 Signs You’re A New Teacher is a pretty funny, sometimes cynical, and often wise list from BuzzFeed.

Your first year teaching, in one chart is from The Washington Post.

A Survival Guide for New Teachers is from Ed Week.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Teaching Job in the Middle of the School Year is by Jennifer Gonzalez.

15 Mistakes New Teachers Make (and what I learned making them) is by AJ Juliani.

9 Mistakes New Teachers Make is from Ed Week.

Job Interview Advice for Teachers

Excellent New Free Resource For New Teachers

What Teachers Wish They ‘had Been Told’ is the last post in my three-part Education Week Teacher series.

Allison Marchetti, Rebekah O’Dell, Kathy Levy, Matthew R. Morris, Stuart O. Yager, Rita Platt and Larnette Snow finish off a three-part series on what teachers know now that they wish they knew then…

As I mentioned earlier, I hope you’ll recommend more!

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Here are some more great resources for new teachers:

    Great Resources for New Teachers – tips, advice, resources

    Summary of New Teacher tips, Urban education issues and tips and tech tips

  2. Larry,

    You might find this resource from New Teacher Center relevant for this compilation:


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  4. Hey Larry – over at we’ve been busy creating content for new teachers in the middle grades (4-8). Here’s what we have so far:

    New Teacher 911 – This is our “base article.” Created by my MW partner Susan B. Curtis, it’s essentially a resources essay for new teachers and also teachers new to the middle. We’ll be adding things here all year.

    MW New-Teacher Webinar – We captured this recent 90-min session with Elizabeth Stein, Heather Wolpert-Gawron & Rick Wormeli as an Elluminate archive. Fun to watch/hear/read. This page has the link and lots of related resources, including a ts. of the chat stream, which was going about 90 mph!

    The Goddess of Good Advice – This is my interview with Cossondra George, a Michigan math/sped teacher who’s written many great articles about “taming the dragon of classroom chaos.” The title says it!

    Middle Grades Teaching Essentials – Our friend @nancyflanagan wrote this one just for MiddleWeb, expressly for new teachers. It’s terrific, of course.

    Rick and the Fundamentals – You don’t want to start a middle grades teaching career without reading some Rick Wormeli, who has *2* books for new MS teachers out there. This is a two-part article which complements Nancy’s perfectly.

    Advice for New Special Ed Teachers – We picked this one up from Ed Week Teacher, with permission of author Elizabeth Stein, who participated in our webinar earlier this week (see above). She’s tailored her advice to the special needs of novice SpEd educators.

    Students Can Do Hard Things – Another classic borrowed with author’s permission from Ed Week Teacher. Middle grades instructional coach (and awesome Ed Wk blogger) Anthony Cody takes a break from ed policy to share a well-crafted, simple, yet profound message.

    Learn Like Luke Skywalker – My colleague Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach tells a story about her grandson (who actually IS named Luke Skywalker) to make an incredibly important point about passion-based learning. Novices may want to cling to it like a flotation device during the rough seas of their first year.

    The Homeroom Is a Home – Finally… this selection from an as-yet unpublished manuscript by The Jose Vilson tells some of the story of his first year as a 7th grade math teacher, teaching in a school not far from his very own tough NYC neighborhood. Both gritty and inspiring!

    These of some of the highlights in our “new-teacher collection” so far – but we’ve only been re-launched for six weeks. There will be plenty more. Hope newbies and the folks who support them will check us out. The very same Jose Vilson mentioned above found the cool template we customized for our new site – it’s fun to look at.

  5. Larry, Thank you for this interesting post. I’ve wrote a short review about it in the social network Shluvim (an israeli network intended for educators) of which I am it’s pedagogical manager, for the benefit of its members. I’m sorry it’s in hebrew. here is the url for the review in Shluvim:

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  7. Hi Larry,
    I have a new book just out geared to help new teachers. It’s the third edition of The First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guide. Right now Amazon has a 20% coupon offer going on it! It’s easy to find it on the Amazon site!

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