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Here’s Info On Our ELL Book (Along With Excerpts)


(NOTE: Our New Book On Teaching English Language Learners Is Out Three Weeks Early!)

I just received an image of my upcoming book’s front cover:

Katie Hull is my co-author, and it has been published by Jossey-Bass. If you click on the cover, it will take you to the pre-order site.

Here are some excerpts that have been published by Edutopia and Education Week:

Do’s & Don’ts For Teaching English Language Learners

Seven Tips for Building Positive Relationships with English Language Learners

Assessment & Reflection With ELLs—And All Students

Fostering Relationships in the Classroom

ASCD Express has published Two Challenges in Teaching ELLs: Primary Language Use and Book Selection

ALSO: You Can Now “Search Inside” My New Book On ELL’s Over At Amazon

Lots Of Good Tidbits On Teaching English Language Learners

All The Figures In Our ELL Book Can Now Be Downloaded By Everybody

What to do — and not do — for growing number of English Language Learners is a book excerpt that appeared in The Washington Post.

Interview With Co-Author Of “ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide”

Using Games in the ELL Classroom, Part I

Using Games in the ELL Classroom, Part II

Using Photos With English Language Learners

Eight Ways to Use Video With English Language Learners

Another Excerpt From Our Book On Teaching ELL’s!

You Can Read & Download The Entire First Chapter From Our ELL Book For Free

Extremely Positive Review Of Our ESL/ELL Book

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Nice! I can’t wait!

  2. I have my copy!

    First impression: I like the larger, easy-to-read font choice. Thank you!

    So far, the “I am” Project (page 21), Chapter 3, pages 198, 199, Chapter 11 = are those that have the most penciled in margin notes and/or post-it reference tabs.

    It is one of those books that even a very experienced ESL / ESOL / ELL / EFL (whatever acronym you use) teacher/facilitator will be likely to find useful to review, even if just to be reminded of a few tricks that she or he has not used in awhile, to become more aware of research supporting the “why we do and try to do what we do and try to do.”

    As someone who has been a fan of Larry Ferlazzo for years, I felt I owed it to him and to visitors to my bookshelves to purchase a copy of this text. As an adult ELL educator, even though the book is marked for Grades 4 -12, many chapters and much of the information has relevancy.

    This is a text that is not likely to overwhelm newbies and/or classroom volunteers — a quick flip-though may well lead to a careful reading of the Contents pages, and then to self-selected study.

    The Afterword is well chosen.

    The Notes section will make you wish for access to a hyper-linked copy of same!

    This is a great text to have near you while lesson-planning, at hand during peer-to-peer / staff committee meetings, a text to revisit frequently.


  3. Hello Larry,

    It seems to be a very interesting book to read. I would like to have it. How can I get it? I’m living in Mexico.

  4. Hi Larry,
    We carry your book on our website It’s a great resource for our underfunded and hard-working ESL teachers nationwide!

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