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  1. They Stand in Line (To Our Veterans on Memorial Day)

    They stepped forward to stand in line, young men and women in their prime, soldiers who suffered and died for us all so our nation could stand tall. If we thrive in times past then, we owe a debt to honor them, and praise the peace that was their gift. To them and God our eyes uplift.

    For they stand in line at heaven’s gate, their heads held high, and backs held straight, the ones God called before their time,
    in dress uniform, they stand in line. Each one a fine example of health like their photographs on a loved ones shelf, and we their spirit carry on as stewards of the seeds they’ve sown.

    We come in sunshine and in rain, to show they didn’t die in vain, to honor, as a part of ourselves, those names and pictures on our shelves. We lift them up who’ve fallen down and dedicate this holy ground, knowing some day we who remain will rejoin our heroes once again.

    From “Occasional Poems” by Tom Zurinskas 11/11/2004

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