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The Best Resources On Bringing Students To Nature (& Nature To Students)

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There has been some research on the learning benefits of exposing students to nature — by either bring them to it or it to them.

Here are a few resources, and I hope that readers will contribute more:

Mom Was Right: Go Outside: Young children are increasingly shunning the country, even as scientists outline the mental benefits of spending time in natural settings is by Jonah Lehrer and appeared in The Wall Street Journal.

I’ve written a couple of posts exploring research on having plants in the classroom:

Do You Keep Plants In Your Classroom?

Houseplants “boosts one’s ability to maintain attention” — Glad I Have Them In My Classroom!

Here’s a study that showed “the addition of the potted plant enhanced people’s creativity.”

More On Teen Sleep is a post I wrote on the value of making sure we keep the windows clear in our classrooms.

Again, please share other resources I’ve missed.

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

One Comment

  1. Dear Mr. Ferlazzo

    My name is Justin Walker and I’m a student at the University of South Alabama, in Mobile, Al. I’m a student in Dr. Strange’s Edm 310 class for the summer semester.( (

    I enjoyed your post on bringing students to nature and nature to students. The article that you shared by Jonah Lehrer ( “Going Outside”) exposed the need of nature in everyone’s life. I enjoyed Jonah’s take on nature and how it brings out one’s creativity and happiness. Until your blog, I’ve never thought of having plants in a class atmosphere. Do you feel that the plants help the students feel comfortable in a classroom setting? By me being Physical Education major, I know the importance of nature and the effects that it has on students. I agree that technology is having a negative influence on the amount of time kids spend outside. I’ve really enjoyed your blog post.

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