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On The Importance Of Being Positive In Class

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This quote comes from a New York Times article headlined A Richer Life by Seeing the Glass Half Full.

In it, the author also reports on a recommendation to help develop this kind of optimism, which I try to do with my students:

Both Dr. Segerstrom and the Mayo researchers recommend taking a few minutes at the end of each day to write down three positive things that happened that day, ending the day on an upbeat note.

And here’s a good reminder about why I shouldn’t be preoccupied when walking around our campus, and why I should always remember to smile at students — whether I know them or not: Why you should smile at strangers is from MSNBC, and reports on a new study.

I’m adding this info to My Best Posts On Why It’s Important To Be Positive In Class.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

One Comment

  1. Mr. Larry,

    I left a post a week or two but it appears to not be present here now. I am a student in EDM 310 at South Alabama. I was reading your post and I really found this quote interesting. Although I would argue that being positive has a great deal to do with optimism, I would agree that having a persistent nature and a motivated will really are the foundation of optimism. When I went to college to play soccer, I had the positivity that I could play at this level, but it was the motivation from my Dad and friends that gave me the kick. That same kick was the one that kept me persistent in fulfilling my goal. Thank you for your posts.

    Keith Tardibuono

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