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“We live in a country where those who know the most about education have the least say & those who know the least have the most say”

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The above quote comes from a “try-out” video for a TEDx Talk by Pedro Noguera from New York University (I’ve previously shared many of his speeches and articles). There are thirty-one of these “try-out” videos you can see and vote on.

I’ve embedded the video below. I think it’s a good one, though I think there are better stories than the one he uses to demonstrate how a teacher can use effective classroom management. I think the action by the teacher he highlights could have just as easily ended up escalating the conflict instead of de-escalating it.

Thanks to Daniel Willingham for the tip on the videos.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

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  1. What is most detrimental about the consequences we suffer is that we continue to suffer them due to lack of effective reflection. The system is continuously assessed but no one uses the results of the assessments for the purpose of improvement. Therefore we continue on the path where many times it seems as if the blind leads the blind. Truthfully, without vision the people perish (including the children).

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