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Gaby Pacheco, a leader of the campaign to get the DREAM act, spoke at the American Federation of Teachers Convention.

Here organization’s website, United We Dream, is clearly the best place to get information about the Obama Administration’s recent decision to institute a limited DREAM Act. I’m adding this info to The Best Resources On The Obama Administration’s Plan To Partially Implement The DREAM Act.


Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Larry, are you familiar with Kevin Clark? If so, any thoughts on his ELD program.

  2. If you’re looking for an honest response let me tell you my experience as well as other teachers’ in my district. Prior to purchasing the program, Kevin Clark will meet with school administrators and persuade them that teachers are not giving effective instruction to English learners. Next, he’ll do walk-throughs into classrooms and discredit teachers and humiliate them in public. This will convince administrators who have been out of the classroom for years to agree with his philosophy. Then, shortly after he’ll blast the Eld Standards, Krashen, and any other contributor to education in textbooks and offer the school to purchase his “curriculum.” He’ll sell his 1″ binder with a brief description of what he calls “methods” to districts claiming that the program is teacher driven.mThis binder is not standards based, doesn’t teach students any content, and is not state adopted nor is it teacher friendly. The worst part of it is that he has no data to prove it works. Shortly after the program is purchased, he’ll send consultants to make sure it’s being implemented. The consultants will ALWAYS look at your flaws, criticize you, and ruin your reputation with administrators. I saw it happen to teachers in my district. I am an experienced, top teacher at my school and they did it to me as well. The worst part is that they refuse teaching using technology and everything is done in flip-chart paper. There are no resources provided ever! Perhaps only 3 pictures and some bulleted weekly calendar. They do promote two good things: students should talk 50% of the time and should do more grammar. Google Jill Mora. She’s an educated ELD expert and she wrote an article titled READ and exposes the truth of this program and how it doesn’t work. I am not providing my e-mail because I wish to remain anonymous.

  3. After attending my first training I realize that you are probably correct.

  4. Kevin Clark was the best ELD program we’ve had. It is thorough and uses PROVEN language acquisition techniques. The problem was that the teachers themselves don’t understand proper english grammar. There was a lot of prep work involved as well, but students did improve under this program and more students passed the CELDT than ever before. Teachers complained so they discontinued the program. I, personally, loved the program! The morph house and Language arts olympics at the end were amazing tools. An Awesome program!

    • I do not understand why the ESL students have to learn English so minutely while the English speaking students don’t have to learn it so intensely.

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