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The Best Resources On The Chicago Teachers’ Strike


I’ve got to head off to school pretty soon here in Sacramento, but I wanted to pull together a few resources on the Chicago Teachers’ strike, in addition to wishing my colleagues there good luck as they begin walking picket lines.

I hope readers will contribute additional resources:

Why are Chicago teachers on strike? is by Valerie Strauss at The Washington Post.

With No Contract Deal by Deadline in Chicago, Teachers Will Strike is from The New York Times.

Chicago’s Teachers Just Went On Strike – Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Why is from The Daily Change.

Chicago Teachers Strike as Education Reform Tensions Boil Over is from Education Week.

Press Release: CPS Fails To Negotiate Fair Contract To Prevent First Strike In 25 Years is from the Chicago Teacher’s Union and appeared in Mike Klonsky’s blog.

Chicago teachers strike for first time in 25 years; contingency sites ready, charters remain open is from The Chicago Sun Times.

Questions Linger After Day 1 of Chicago Teachers’ Strike is from Education Week.

Analysis: Teachers strike leaves Emanuel between a rock and a hard place is from The Chicago Sun Times.

Chicago Strike Unfolds Amid Frustration, Confusion is from Education Week.

NEA President Van Roekel Statement on Chicago Strike

Why I’m striking, JCB is from Teacher X.

Their fight is our fight!

AFT Statement in Support of Chicago Teachers Union

Why Chicago teachers are on strike and what could come next is from Gotham Schools.

Analysis: Striking Chicago teachers take on national education reform is from Reuters.

Standing up to Rahm is from Salon.

Chicago teachers strike: The issues is by Valerie Strauss.

Teachers’ Strike in Chicago Tests Mayor and Union is from The New York Times.

Why We’re Striking in Chicago is by union president Karen Lewis.

The real problem with Rahm’s school reforms in Chicago is by Valerie Strauss at The Washington Post.

National Schools Debate Is on Display in Chicago is from The New York Times.

Unions Are Striking Back, at Last is from The New York Times.

47% of Chicago voters back teachers is from The Chicago Sun Times.

Teachers’ Leader in Chicago Strike Shows Her Edge is from The New York Times.

Strike Issues Stuck in Gray Areas, Political Nuance is from Education Week.

Chicago teachers strike places Obama at odds with key part of political base is from The Washington Post.

Striking Chicago teachers get support from parents is from The Detroit News (thanks CoopMike).

Questions Linger After Day 1 of Chicago Teachers’ Strike is from Education Week.

U.S. Teachers Pay Close Attention To Chicago is from NPR.

Here’s a picture of students marching with striking teachers’:

CHICAGO’S TEACHER PROBLEM, AND OURS is from The New Yorker. Here’s a quote from it:

Source: via Larry

See all Education Week articles about the strike at this link, which is continually updated.

At the Core of the Chicago Strike, Mistrust is by Barnett Berry.

Teachers in Chicago School Strike Deserve Respect is from US News.

Their Fight Is Our Fight is from Rethinking Schools.

In Chicago, a Democratic civil war is by Harold Myerson in The Washington Post.

Chicago mayor: Get kids in class during contract talks with teachers is from NBC.

Chicago strike: A wiser teacher evaluation policy benefits the kids is by Kevin Weiner.

The Chicago Strike and the History of American Teachers’ Unions is by Dana Goldstein.

Two Visions for Chicago’s Schools is by Diane Ravitch at The New York Review of Books.

As Chicago Teachers Strike, Unions At A Crossroad is at NPR.

Push to Add Charter Schools Hangs Over Strike is from The New York Times.

Chicago Teachers Strike and Standardized Tests is by Marvin Marshall.

Chicago Teachers’ Strike Enters Third Day is from The New York Times.

Why shouldn’t Chicago teachers ask for air- conditioned schools? is from The Washington Post.

Why Rahm Emanuel and The New York Times are wrong about teacher evaluation is from The Washington Post.

Head Of Chicago Teachers Union Rose The Ranks is from NPR.

Fresh Hopes for End to Chicago Teacher Strike by Weekend is from The New York Times.

What’s At Stake For U.S. Teachers is from NPR.

Teacher Evaluation Dispute Echoes Beyond Chicago is from NPR.

Teacher Evaluations At Center Of Chicago Strike is from The Huffington Post.

Chicago Teachers Strike: Union, City Fail To Reach Contract Deal is from The Huffington Post.

Chicago Teachers’ Strike, Performance Evaluation, and School Reform is from Larry Cuban.

Chicago teachers, school district seem closer to ending strike is from The Los Angeles Times.

Strike Talks In Chicago Move Toward End Game is from NPR.

Deal in Sight, Chicago Strike May End Soon is from The New York Times.

Tentative deal reached with striking Chicago teachers is from The Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Chooses Sides is from The American Prospect.

Teacher accountability and the Chicago teachers strike is by Richard Rothstein.

Why teachers have test anxiety, too is from the Chicago Tribune.

Why Evaluating Teachers is Complicated, No Matter What You Think of the Chicago Strike is by Dana Goldstein.

Are We Asking Too Much From Our Teachers? is from The New York Times.

Source: via Larry

Can the Chicago Teachers’ Strike Fix Democratic Education Reform? by Richard Kahlenberg is short and sweet and is the best thing I’ve read so far on the strike.

This video came via Mike Klonsky:

Here are the lyrics:

We miss the sound of the bell.
Our schools aren’t something to sell.
We got a story to tell.
The Board is in our way.

Our complaints we could list.
Teachers have just one wish:
To get back to our kids.
The Board is in our way.

Our line was holdin’.
Red shirts, all a glowin’
Union pride, we were showin’
Where’s our contract going, baby?

Hey, We’ve been striking,
And this is crazy.
When there’s a contract,
call us maybe.

We’ve been striking for so long
We want to stop that.
We want to stop that.
We want to stop, stop that.

We’ve missed teaching for long.
We want to go back.
We want to go back.
We want to go, go back.

(Repeat from chorus)

Teachers appear to be the winner is from The Chicago Sun Times.

Mayor’s reputation tarnished in teachers union dust-up is from The Chicago Tribune.

Thousands of teachers rallied in Chicago on Saturday. One of the speeches was from Karen Lewis, President of the Chicago Teachers Union, and it is not-to-be-missed. Fortunately, Mike Klonsky has a video of it posted on his blog, and I would strongly urge you to watch and listen to it now…

You can also listen to it here:

Thousands of striking Chicago teachers rally in labor show of force, despite tentative deal is a Washington Post article about the rally.

Teachers Union in Chicago to Extend Strike Into 2nd Week is the headline of a New York Times article.

No school until at least Wednesday, CTU President Karen Lewis says is the headline of an article at The Chicago Sun-Times. Here are some quotes from it:

Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis said the decision not to return to class was about trust — union delegates didn’t trust the Chicago Public Schools’ latest proposal and wanted more time to review it….

Delegates were not receiving formal written contract language about the deal so some wanted to keep the strike in place until they could see written language and bounce it off their constituents in schools.

Lewis said the delegates don’t trust the school board at this point.

“Why would you make a decision on something you haven’t had a chance to look at?” she said. “They have language. They see the language. But it’s not finished. We’ve been almost guaranteed that it might be finished by Tuesday.”

Mayor Emanuel, and most leaders of school districts, might find it useful to read The Best Posts About Trust & Education.

Hearing Set in Chicago’s Bid to End Teachers Strike is from The New York Times.

Rahm is suing to end the Chicago teachers’ strike. Does he have a case? is from The Washington Post.

Standing up for teachers is from The Washington Post.

The Chicago Teachers’ Balancing Act is from The American Prospect.

Chicago Teachers’ Union Votes to End Strike is from The New York Times.

Chicago Public Schools teachers’ strike over is from The Chicago Sun Times.


Chicago Teachers’ Strike: What Do We Want? Better Management Gurus Might Help appeared in the Pacific Standard

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


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