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“When there’s a contract, then call us maybe”


Here are the newest additions to The Best Resources On The Chicago Teachers’ Strike:

This video came via Mike Klonsky:

Here are the lyrics:

We miss the sound of the bell.
Our schools aren’t something to sell.
We got a story to tell.
The Board is in our way.

Our complaints we could list.
Teachers have just one wish:
To get back to our kids.
The Board is in our way.

Our line was holdin’.
Red shirts, all a glowin’
Union pride, we were showin’
Where’s our contract going, baby?

Hey, We’ve been striking,
And this is crazy.
When there’s a contract,
call us maybe.

We’ve been striking for so long
We want to stop that.
We want to stop that.
We want to stop, stop that.

We’ve missed teaching for long.
We want to go back.
We want to go back.
We want to go, go back.

(Repeat from chorus)

Teachers appear to be the winner is from The Chicago Sun Times.

Mayor’s reputation tarnished in teachers union dust-up is from The Chicago Tribune.

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