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  1. Hey larry – this is such an important topic.

    Modelling growth mindset in how we speak and act with kids is probably the most important thing we can do.

    I love how Dweck’s research helps us to question the focus on grades, awards, tests, and results and places the focus on descriptive feedback that both supports and challenges the efforts of students.

    One of our Board Trustees said it best when I presented our school’s plan that included the work of Dweck. He said, “with a focus like this, you basically remove any excuse why a child cannot be successful in school. Keep the focus on effort and with the support of us, children will achieve more.”

    All kids have strengths but the conversation needs to be on why they have these strengths and the purposeful practice that has gone into developing an interest and/or strength in this.

    I look forward to further responses.

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