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“How Can Teachers Best Assist Students With Special Needs?”


How Can Teachers Best Assist Students With Special Needs? is the new “question of the week” at my Education Week Teacher column.

Feel free to leave your responses there or here….

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Larry!
    So glad to see you bringing up this important topic – I’m afraid I do not encounter many references to students with special needs on “blogosphere” or “twittersphere”.
    However, your question is extremely broad! As a teacher of English as a foreign language in special educaton, I believe that you would be able to offer far more informative information to your readers if you broke down the question.
    Here are some sample questions and suggestions:
    1) Q: How to integrate the special needs learner in the regular classroom
    2) Q: Effective strategies with weak learners who need personalized material
    A: Here’s one:

    Also, teachers need information about the problem, not just classroom tips. Being a warm and understanding teacher may be crucial but if you have no idea the way a LD child sees the text you won’t be able to help the child. I really recommend watching this for starters:

    Naomi Epstein

  2. A $60,000 commitment for special education and special needs children, who deserve a financial education too

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