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Help Me Find Move/TV Scenes Showing “Thinking Outside Of The Box”


I’m looking for short movie/TV scenes that demonstrate “thinking outside of the box.”

Do you have any suggestions?

I’ll use them to put together a “The Best…” list and, of course, will give credit to people making suggestions.


Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Scene from Apollo 13:
    [Several technicians dump boxes containing the same equipment and tools that the astronauts have with them onto a table]
    Technician: We’ve got to find a way to make this
    [square CSM LiOH canister]
    Technician: fit into the hole for this
    [round LEM canister]
    Technician: … using nothing but that.

    The whole film demonstrates solutions “out of the box” in unknown territory; using convention tools to design unconventional solutions

  2. It is not a commercial video but the anecdote in the Save The Shoes TED talk makes a point about thinking of things differently and I think it is only 5 or so mins.

  3. The engineering scene from Apollo 13 will do….

  4. How about Home Alone. A young boy thinking outside the box to protect his house.

  5. Caine’s Arcade

  6. How about some MacGyver clips? (haven’t thought about that show in a while…)

  7. My class and I had quite an interesting discussion after watching this video a friend sent me. Its a little tricky because it is in Chinese. Fortunately he also gave me a translation and I’ll be glad to forward that to anyone who’s interested (though honestly you can figure it out without the translation).

  8. The Sandlot when they try all the different ways to get the baseball out of the backyard. I believe there is a montage, and it also shows them making mistakes and how they learn from those.

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