As I’ve previously mentioned, it looks like I’ll be teaching a couple of classes of Seniors next year (in addition to ESL and IB TOK) instead of my usual double-block ninth-grade English class. My colleague Katie Hull, who will be teaching a ninth-grade English class, and I are going to try an experiment where my students doing regular teaching/mentoring with hers (our classes will be at the same time).

So, I’ve begun collecting resources that might be useful. I hope you’ll suggest others:

Surprise, Surprise: Study Finds That Relationships Promote Perseverance & Cash Bonuses Do Not
is my previous post where I began this discussion and also shared some resources.

Questions To Ask People We Want To Mentor, Including Students (& Ones We Might Want To Ask Ourselves) is another previous post.

Barking Up The Wrong Tree found an interesting study that found:

Undergrads who wrote letters of encouragement to “at-risk” middleschoolers advising them to persevere and that intelligence “is not a finite endowment but rather an expandabale capacity” became, themselves, happier and better in school for months afterward.

It’s Official: “What Works Clearinghouse” Approves Study That Shows Relationships Promote Perseverance & Cash Bonuses Do Not

Teen mentors inspire healthier choices in younger children is a report on a new study demonstrating the effectiveness of older students mentoring younger ones.

Here Are The Instructions I Give Mentors To Our ELLs – Help Me Make Them Better

Feedback, including suggestions of additional resources, is welcome.

This Mentoring Program Is Taking A Different Approach To Help Students With Reading is from NPR.


Being A Mentor At Our School May Have Resulted In Improved Grades For The…Mentors

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