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The Best Resources For Learning About The Concept Of “Transfer” — Help Me Find More


As Learning First explains, the concept of “transfer” is ” the ability [of students] to use their knowledge and skills to solve problems and navigate new situations.”

I’ve begun to think more about how to implement this in my classroom, and thought I’d begin a “The Best…” list and invite readers to contribute more resources:

21st Century Skills: Deeper Learning is Essential Ingredient for Success
is from Learning First.

Why Don’t They Apply What They’ve Learned, Part I is from The Chronicle of Higher Education. Be sure to also check out the comments.

Lessons for Life: Learning and Transfer is from Linda Darling-Hammond.

This is an older, but very accessible, piece from The University of Oregon.

The Composition Forum has a series of articles, many which are not that accessible (in my humble opinion), but are nevertheless worth a look.

Education for Life and Work:Developing Transferable Knowledge and Skills in the 21st Century is from The National Academy of Sciences (thanks to Paul Bruno for the tip).

And here’s a related piece
from Daniel Willingham (again, thanks to Paul for the tip).

Transfer as the point of education and the research on transfer and some practical implications (Transfer, part 2) are both by Grant Wiggins.

The Importance Of Explaining “Why”

Clarifying Transfer & How It Impacts What We Think Students Understand is by Grant Wiggins.

Study: Standardized Tests Don’t Measure “Fluid Intelligence”

Feel free to contribute additional suggestions.

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