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The Best Posts & Articles On The Impact Of School Closures — Suggest More!


The Chicago Public Schools have just announced they are closing fifty-four schools. Here are some useful resources on what’s happening there, along with info on the issue of school closures in general. I hope readers will recommend more:

Chicago Says It Will Close 54 Public Schools is from The New York Times.

Chicago closing 54 schools; union leader blasts ‘outrageous’ plan
is from The Washington Post.

Education researchers from CReATe find school closures do more harm than good
is from an organization of Chicago researchers.

Here’s a School Closings Issue Brief from Pacer Research For Action.

Closing schools: Good Reasons and Bad Reasons is from School Finance 101.

Press Release: New Study from CReATE: School Closures will Negatively Impact Academic Performance, Destabilize Communities

Instead of closing schools, how about this?
is from The Washington Post.

Race, Poverty Central To National School-Closure Debate
is from NPR.

School Closings: The New Apartheid is from Jersey Jazzman.

Jack Hassard: School Closings in Our Cities: A Deep Ecological Problem is from Education Week.

School Closings: What’s the Lesson Here? is by Jack Hassard.

Proceed With Caution When Closing Schools is from Education Week.

Quote Of The Day: Closing Schools In Chicago

Clear-Cutting Our Schools is from Rethinking Schools.

Mass school closings’ severe impact on lives of black, Latino students is from NBC Latino.

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