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The Best Evidence For Why Giving Schools “Report Cards” Is Bad — Help Me Find More


Lots of groups, particularly “school reformers,” are getting into the habit of giving schools “report cards.” I thought I’d bring together a handful of resources detailing why this is bad practice, and I hope that readers will contribute more:

Parents Relying on School Report Cards Can Be Confused is from Education Week.

The Grading Game is from The National Education Policy Center.

The Dangers of Grading Our Schools is from Reed Gillespie.

Why Rank Schools? is by David B. Cohen.

What you should know about Colorado School Grades is by Lisa Cook.

Priceless, Amazing & Disappointing: “GOP donor’s school grade changed”

Bennett-gate And The Politics Of Grading Schools is by Jeff Bryant.

“A-F” School Ranking Systems—Exacerbating Racial Divisions and Inequality is by Jan Resseger.

As Few as Three Test Responses Separate A from F Schools in Okla., Study Says is from Education Week.

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  1. I wrote something on that topic last year. Hope you find it speaks to you –

  2. I wrote an article in January about flaws in a private organization’s grading of Colorado schools that you might want to add: Most troubling is the inherent contradiction in the organization’s insistence that every child deserves an “A” school with their methodology that dictates 50 percent of schools will be given scores of C or below no matter how well they do on standardized tests. Needless to say, schools are only graded on their performance on standardized tests, as if that’s all there is to “excellence.”

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