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Two Infographics On English Language Learners

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Here are two infographics on English Language Learners that I learned about through Amy Erin Borovoy:

How to learn English via Kaplan Blog

how to learn english

How to learn English via Kaplan Blog

love learning English infographicLove learning English with Kaplan

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I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

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  1. Trying to help a group of 8 grade students understand the best ways to learn a language is not necessarily from a text book. True exposure to a language is more that learning grammatical structure and understanding linguistic complexity for academic purposes but viewing being used for communication in all its forms. I am not undermining the importance of grammar and complexity of the target language but knowing the high frequency words and how to use them in a multitude of circumstances is just as important. You infogaphic surly illustrates this point. Thanks for sharing!

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