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A Very, Very Beginning List Of The Best Resources On Bullying — Please Suggest More


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I know there are a ton of resources out there on bullying. I’m also skeptical about a lot of it being useful.

So I’m just going to start off list with two resources I think are good ones, and hope that readers will contribute a lot more.

Absolutely Everything Researchers Know About Bullying is from Rules For Engagement at Education Week.

Interesting New Study By Carol Dweck

Appealing To The Self-Interest Of Bullies is post I wrote.

I’m adding next infographic to the list. I’m displaying it in a couple of ways because I like it a lot and what it to be accessible, but the original formatting is a bit “funky”:
You can see a better version here.
bullying-statisticsHow do other countries tackle bullying? is from The Guardian.

Bullying prevention from the ground up is by Jim Dillon at Smart Blogs.

Bullying Prevention Programs May Have Negative Impact: Study is from The Huffington Post.

Anti-Bullying Programs Could Be a Waste of Time is from TIME.

Bullying Is Bad, But Do We Know How To Stop It? is by Paul Bruno.

Raiders Quarterback Applauds Bullied Dolphins Player For ‘Standing Up And Being A Man’ is from ThinkProgress.

The Stanford Prison And Why The Miami Dolphins Weren’t Just “Boys Being Boys” is from Forbes.

If a 6’5, 312-pound Miami Dolphin can be bullied… is from The Washington Post.

It Takes a Village to Create a Bully is from The Pacific Standard.

I don’t think I’d use with students, but, as Greg Toppo said when he on Twitter, it seems like a “spot-on take on bullying.”

What’s New on A Redesigned Training Center Plus 11 User Guides is from

Using films to empower pupils to challenge bullying is from The Guardian.

How to teach … anti-bullying is from The Guardian.

How do other countries tackle bullying? is also from The Guardian.

Am I A Bully? is from The BBC.

Here’s an interesting “Choose Your Own Adventure” interactive video on bullying (thanks to Michelle Henry for the tip).

Words Can Save is an interactive designed to raise awareness of cyberbullying. You’re prompted to provide advice to a child who is a victim by completing gap-fills/clozes like the one above.

Unfortunately, though, for some odd reason you’re supposed to be eighteen to use it. If you say you’re under that age, you’re transferred to a much less engaging site.

Zero-Tolerance for Bullying Doesn’t Work, Experts Say is from NBC News.

Simply punishing students for bullying will not address the problem is from The Conversation.

Crackdowns on Bullies Can Backfire, National Academies Report Finds is from Ed Week.

Students with influence over peers reduce school bullying by 30 percent is from Phys.Org

Video & Transcript: Michelle Obama’s Speech To The Democratic Convention (Plus Writing Prompt!)

Gay-Straight Alliances Make Schools Safer, Study Finds is from U.S. News.

Why Punishment Won’t Stop a Bully is by Alfie Kohn.

4 Myths About School Bullying And The ‘Trump Effect’ is from NPR.

Understanding Bullying Behavior is from The American Educator.

Students with influence over peers reduce school bullying by 30 percent is from Eureka Alert.

Statistic Of The Day: School Bullying Reduced

Why does bullying cost California schools $276 million every year? is from The Sacramento Bee.

Preventing Bullying is a new interactive from the National Academy of Sciences.

You might also be interested in this new Teaching Tolerance article, Bullying and the Bottom Line.

Here’s an excerpt:

Learning How Bullying Happens In Order To Prevent It is from NPR.

Reduce Bullying by Cultivating Growth Mindsets is from Mindset Works.

“Wonder” Looks Like An Amazing Movie

What Kids Think About Bullying And Kindness In The Trump Era is from NPR.

Suggest away! I’m all ears….

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. I like the Australian site, Bullying. No Way! It has different sections for young people of different ages, parents and teachers. I appreciate the thought that has gone into the language they use to explain and suggest to kids.

  2. Thanks for sharing all the information on bullying! Being a victim myself I have a passion for preventing bullying. All educators, parents and administrators need this information to help their children and students be successful. I hope to be able to help my future students with this issue!

  3. Students have been making “How to UnMake A Bully” movies with me for a few years, and they are in use all over the world.

    We also do a school residency program (so far in over 10 districts and 30 schools in NY, WA, and Australia!) where classes write, produce and complete 60-second PSA commercials in just 9 hours! Together with The Don’t Wait® Project we combine tech, film, Common Core, real-world experience, ELA, anti-bullying and character education into an unforgettable week per school! HUGE feedback so far, including some students who started their own coalition in honor of our program. We have also seen students stand up during our discussions to admit to having bullied, and apologize to their friends in an effort to start making things right.

    I can send links if you’re interested.

  4. Hello,

    Thank you for your post.

    As a father and teacher, I would like to share four Websites that I hope would be helpful to those wishing to better understand and more effectively address bullying:
    “Where You Are NOT Alone!”
    The world’s most-visited Website about bullying
    “Always On? Always Aware!”
    The world’s first Website about cyberbullying
    “Learn to BE the change!”
    Online courses and Webinars about bullying and cyberbullying
    “Prevention through education and awareness”
    The official Website for the annual Bullying Awareness Week

    Bill Belsey
    “Where you are NOT alone!”

    Please follow us on Twitter: @Bullying_org

  5. Children who don’t speak English are more likely to be victims of bullying even in preschool, according to a study by Chang et al. (2007) in the Journal of Early Education and Research. Here is a resource to be used by teachers to help children learn communication skills that break down language barriers to prevent bullying:

  6. Hello, has an encouraging video on bullying– how victims can deal with bullies and maintain self respect.

  7. Larry, as many of us work with employed adult learners, please remember that many of our students are subject to workplace bullying. After years of extraordinary stress, my healthcare provider helped me understand that my manager showed a consistent pattern of bullying her employees. We all tend to think of bullying by peers, but it happens with those who manage as well. Learn more here:

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