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  1. Larry,

    That poster leaves out the most important part of the infographic…the design in the inverted triangle method. The catchy and most important info needs to be at the top followed by the secondary and tertiary points. The experts liken it to a news story’s headline and lead. Having it all the same “weight” does not help the viewer figure out the most important point(s) the creator is trying to make.


  2. One thing that I don’t like about most infographics is that they are too data-centric. Too much stats and data can make the infographic seems boring.

    I think an infographic is more compelling when it tells a story using a combination of data, stats, images, and illustrations. The secret is to organize the flow of information and data in a way that it is telling a story and include some takeaway messages. As most studies have indicated, story has a powerful effect on people.

    We recently did an inforgraphic on Internet privacy. Originally, the designer made it very data intensive. After adding the images and cartoons, it tells a better story. You can see it here,

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