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Brainscape Lets You Create Flashcards Including Images & Audio


There are a ton of free flashcard creating-and-using sites out there, and I’ve listed the ones I think are the best over at The Best Tools To Make Online Flashcards.

I’m adding a new one to that list….

Brainscape lets you add images and allows you to record sound simply by clicking on the “Advanced Editor.” It’s easy to add both, and those features make Brainscape stand out a bit from some of the other sites out there. (reader Mariana Mendoza tells me that Brainscape has now removed that option).

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Hey Larry,

    Thanks for sharing Brainscape! For teachers (or even parents) there are also tools that allow you to track the study progress of your students subscribed to your subject!

    Amanda Moritz

  2. Thank you for sharing your review of various online flashcard services. I began using Brainscape a couple of weeks ago after learning from your review that it was possible to record audio directly (rather than importing an audio file recorded in a separate program). However, it seems that in the past couple of weeks, Brainscape has removed that option and you must now upload an audio file (you are no longer able to record audio within Brainscape). For me this is a game changer and I will be using Quizlet from now on. I thought you might like to know to be able to update your review. Thanks again for the information you have provided here.

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