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Video: Remix Of Texas Student Evaluating His Teacher


It’s been pretty hard over the past week to miss the video of Texas student Jeff Bliss publicly evaluating his teacher.

Now, someone has created a great musical remix of what happened (thanks to Scott McLeod for the tip). In this post, I’ve embedded three videos: first, the remix; then the original; and finally, an interview with him.

It’s difficult to determine exactly what goes on in a classroom based on a ninety-second clip and the testimony of a single student. And I suspect all of us have had days when we’ve been less-than-stellar teachers. However, to me, the most telling point of this entire situation is that a student actually videotaped it and put it on YouTube. I think I’m echoing a point made years ago in a post by Alice Mercer — if a teacher has allowed a relationship in the classroom to deteriorate to the point that a student wants to publicly humiliate their instructor, then it’s likely something pretty toxic is going on there.

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