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  1. This is a really unintelligent video. It complains about inequality of opportunity, and says we have to remove that inequality, without any explanation of why the inequality exists. Sure, more black and hispanic people are at the lower end of the wealth spectrum, but there are many social reasons for that, and the social problems need to be fixed before there can be true equality. The answer is not to just go hand out loans to people regardless of their ability to pay them back. Isn’t that what got us into this recession in the first place? Making it easier for people to get swamped in debt is not helping them. Telling people they have the right to live in a bigger house even thought they can’t afford it is dishonest and unkind. It would be better to help people learn to get out of poverty through honest work and responsibility, than pretending they can get whatever they want without it. There are plenty of opportunities, programs, and scholarships for this very purpose; many of them can only be obtained based on racial minority status. This video is really misleading.

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