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The Best Sources Of Advice On How To Get A Teaching Job


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It’s that time of the year when new schools are interviewing potential new teachers and, thankfully, the beginning of the economic recovery actually provides some promise after years of tight school budgets.

This list focuses on K-12 jobs — I’ll eventually do a separate list related to overseas ESL/EFL job-seekers.

Here are my recommendations for The Best Sources Of Advice On How To Get A Teaching Job (and feel free to suggest more in the comments):

What Principals Look For In A Prospective Teacher is a column from my Education Week Teacher blog that was published last year.

Principals’ tips for teacher interviews is from Curt Rees.

How to Find Your Dream Teaching Job is by Heather Wolpert-Gawron.

Six Steps to Landing Your First Teaching Job is from the National Education Association.

FAQs About Teachers’ Employment is also from the NEA.

More Tips for Landing that Teacher Job is by Pernille Ripp.

“Interview Tips” from a recently employed educator is from ASCD.

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

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  1. I have been on interview committees every year since I started teaching so I have written a post on what to do from a teacher’s perspective. I thought this may help others as well

  2. Thanks for sharing my post Larry.

  3. I would like to add a few questions that I usually get asked:
    1. If I walked into your classroom during a lesson, what would I see?
    2. How do you deal with a student who has a behavior issue?
    3. Tell me about yourself
    4. How do you do guided reading?
    5. How do you know if a student has learned the objective and what do you do if they have not?
    6. How do you differentiate?
    7. How do you communicate with parents?

  4. I just published an Ebook entitled “How to Get a Full Time Teaching Job: An Insider’s Perspective” to help prospective teachers get full-time jobs! After 16 years of watching who got hired and who did not, I have learned a lot, and want to share that knowledge with everyone. It is a short impactful read (44 pages) and is $2.99 to download on your kindle or any other ebook format. You can get it on amazon, Barnes and Noble (nook), smashwords, and many other epublishing sites.

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