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A Beginning List Of The Best Posts & Articles On The Charter School CREDO Study

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The Center for Research on Education Outcomes at Stanford University came out late last night, and I thought I’d begin collecting some of the most useful posts and articles about it.

Feel free to suggest others in the comments section.

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Here’s a beginning list:

Charter performance improving, but still varied is from HechingerEd.

Charter schools offer scant edge over neighborhood schools: study is from Reuters.

Charter Schools Are Improving, a Study Says is from The New York Times.

Thompson: What’s New in the Latest CREDO Charter School Study? is from This Week In Education.

Charter School Study Is No Surprise is by Walt Gardner at Ed Week.

New CREDO Charter School Study Provides Talking Points for Both Sides is from The New America Foundation.

Wendy Lecker: The hidden costs of charter schools

A Few Points About The New CREDO Charter School Analysis is from The Shanker Blog.

Charter School Study: Much Ado About Tiny Differences is by Tom Loveless.

CREDO’s Significantly Insignificant Findings is from The National Education Policy Center.

The bottom line on charter school studies appeared in The Washington Post

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  1. The study is striking in that the difference in achievement is remarkably small when you factor in the difference in class size. In Chicago and Los Angeles, for instance, public school classrooms often have twice as many students as charter school classrooms. It doesn’t really take another study to inform us about what we already know– there are good charters and bad ones, good pubs and bad ones and YES good private schools and bad ones. But factoring in class size is important. Let’s reduce class size in the publics and then take a closer look.

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