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Excellent PowerPoint On Feedback Promoting A Growth Mindset


The Pajarao Valley Unified School District has an excellent collection of resources on Professor Carol Dweck’s work, and it’s been on The Best Resources On Helping Our Students Develop A “Growth Mindset” list for quite awhile.

However, they created another related resource that, for some reason, I discovered is not on that list. It’s an exceptional PowerPoint presentation on how to provide feedback to students that promotes a growth mindset. And, in an added bonus, a portion of it speaks directly to parents.

I’m adding to to both The Best Resources For Learning How To Best Give Feedback To Students and to The Best Ideas On How Parents Can Help Their Kids Succeed Academically.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Thanks, Larry – I’ve just spent half an hour with the Growth PPT you provide here. It really is a fantastic piece of work (and I wish I could get my hands on what is called “the packet” there…). In German teacher training, actively creating and maintaining an atmosphere compatible with what is shown to be effective in the presentation, has been an important goal for several years now – we call it “diagnostische Fördergrundhaltung”, which means that based on a variety of classroom diagnostics learners need to be supported to move forward on their individual tracks of cognition, creativity and skill. The list of phrases is a very helpful start to putting this plan into action. – In the end the mere concept of being a teacher would be a terrible and sad failure if you believed in the “fixed mindset”, wouldn’t it?

    • Matthias,

      I couldn’t find the “packet,” but you can find other related materials they use on the other district page I link to. That’s interesting about what they’re doing in German teacher training — do you have any interest in writing a 300-400 word guest post about it?


  2. Thanks for sharing Larry, this is fantastic. We’re currently writing a secondary school peer led resource in resilience and the growth mindset is a wonderful and complimentary concept. Great blog for educators, I’ll be sharing on twitter!

  3. Great information. I am presently on sabbatical and am writing a handbook for those working in the classroom. It is for new teachers and What we call Educational Assistants (they work primarily with exceptional children/behaviour). I have always believed in the growth mind and teach my students young and old that learning is a life long affair!!

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