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  1. I think this is under-reporting because a lot of stuff gets picked up on grocery runs, or just passing by and oh, wow, that’s perfect for my classroom… the nickel and dime stuff that is not a complete school-focused receipt does add up. Also, we’re used to IRS restrictions on how much is deductible, so we’re thinking in those terms and focus on the big receipts, not the little stuff bought in passing.

  2. When I first began teaching I spent over $2000.00. After that I averaged $600.00. As the years passed I got as low as $200.00 every year. However, as prices for things went up, so too did the spending amount. I spent around $500.00 last year for pizza, awards, prizes, school material, instructional material, and classroom books.
    I teach 6th grade in Sacramento.

  3. I would say that’s pretty accurate. We have to remember that this is an average. Average means some spend more and some spend less (even nothing). I’m normally around $400-500 a year.

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