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Several Useful Resources On Implementing Common Core


'Mapping Media to the Common Core' photo (c) 2013, Wesley Fryer - license:

Here are several additions to The Most Useful Resources For Implementing Common Core:

The Core of the Common Core, Part 1: The Anchor Standards for Reading is from Burkins and Yaris. It provides metaphors and analogies in explaining Common Core.

The same site has a Periodic Table of Common Core Standards.

Thanks to Wendi Pillars for sharing those two resources on Twitter.

Achieve The Core shares Common Core writing samples from classrooms around the country.

Two Great FREE Apps from Mastery Connect is from Bill Ferriter.

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I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Have you looked at Newsela? For teachers struggling to find interesting informational text, this site could ease a lot of pain. They adapt current event articles to a variety of Lexile levels, allowing you to assign one article to a group of students with a range of reading ability. Most articles have 4 question quizzes that relate to CC strategies, such as using text to answer a question. Teachers who register provide students with an access code, so keeping track of students’ progress is easy. If I were in a classroom, I’d assign a required number of articles per grading period, and let students chose what interests them. Maybe 2-3 sentence summaries for each article, too, as the quizzes could provide a temptation to share answers. I’d love to hear what you think. I’m in a middle school library and teachers just returned to work, but the ones I’ve shared it with have been enthusiastic.

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