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Using Vine/Instagram In The Classroom


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I do a lot of videotaping in my classes, primarily in IB Theory of Knowledge and in my ELL ones, and have been thinking about experimenting with Vine or Instragram’s stop motion clips. Though I posted The Best Resources For Learning To Use The Video App “Vine,” I haven’t used it much other than to try it out with videos of my pets 🙂 .

A new post by Amy Erin Borovoy over at Edutopia, however, has finally pushed me to give it a try in the classroom. Her post, Five-Minute Film Festival: Vine and Instagram Video in the Classroom, shares some great examples that are perfect models for students.

I’m planning on having students in my IB Theory of Knowledge class use Vine or Instagram (at least in our high school, Instagram seems to be the app that many of the kids use) to illustrate the different Ways Of Knowing.

In my ninth-grade English class, I’m going to talk with them about using Vine or Instagram to create different versions of book trailers that I have had students do in the past.

At this point, at least, I’m not planning on using the apps in my ELL classes. I want them talking as much as possible, so I still think I’ll stick with straight videos.

I’ll let you know how it goes, and share students samples, in a future post. Anyone have samples from their classes they feel like sharing?

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  1. offers much longer video – no limits according to this:
    “Pheed also doesn’t put any restrictions on its media, so video and audio clips can be as long as the user wants. It’s a different approach, particularly for video-sharing, when other companies are focused on making apps that have restrictions on video length and photo size and formats.”

    However, editing within the app isn’t possible and I can see nothing about how to embed videos anywhere

  2. Instagram is a tremendous medium to share learning with families, the community and the world. Read about our instagram challenge here: and here you can check out our school based accounts at @foodatoakhill @dramaatoakhill @scienceatoakhill and @instaedglobal Family engagement @everyparent and @aussip Many educators are using public instagram accounts. I would advise a dedicated subjects specific account managed by subject departments. Our students and parents have enjoyed connecting and sharing via Insta!

  3. My students created Vine Vocab (#6secondvocab) last week! I wrote about it here:

    I had been waiting for the perfect time to try Vine in the classroom! Thanks for sharing your ideas and resources.

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