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Supporting School-Wide Social Emotional Learning

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Quite a few teachers at our school have helped developed the lessons in my student motivation books and taught them over the past few years.

Our school is now looking at various ways to be a little more systematic about developing SEL skills, and one of the ways is having our Small Learning Communities choose three lessons from the book; have one-to-four teachers in the SLC actually teach them, and then have all the other teachers support the lessons in some way.

Our SLC has decided to start with five of us teaching the goal-setting lesson, and here’s an image of the results from a quick brainstorming session on how all the other teachers are going to support it in their own classes. We’ll be talking more specifics about it at our next meeting later this week — both my books also include lots of other ideas.

Feel free to contribute your own in the comments section….


Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

One Comment

  1. Hi Larry. This is a really interesting post.

    I found at our school(an Elementary School in Melbourne, Australia) having specific “SEL Core Teachers” has been the best way to ensure that solid, structured SEL lessons are adequately planned and taught. Each teacher is year level based, some take responsibiliy for planning and teaching all the lessons for the level(and rotate between classes) some share the planning responsibility with other grade teachers and only teach their grade, but are reponsible for recording the lessons and ensuring that all areas of the comptencies are taught across the year.

    This has meant my job as Deputy Principal/Wellbeing Coordinator has been easier because I’m able to meet with them and share ideas and resources with them easier, but also get buy in from teachers at all levels when pushing SEL whole school based days or initiatives.

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