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  1. It is clear that the author of the article helped students of all types cheat by writing their term papers; so why just focus on teachers in this NY Times opinion column? Where are the columns “How I helped politicians cheat” and “How I helped CEOs of major corporations cheat?”

    The author ends his column with “The following is a revision request I once received from a customer taking a course in educational leadership: “Thank you for help me to complete my paper. Could I request to rewrite it because my teacher asked me to rewrite and show some mistakes in term grammar and cohesion in contain.” That guy is somebody’s teacher now. If you can live with that, don’t change a thing.” Obviously horrendous, but I think the author’s conclusion is slightly off. Seeing as how he was taking an “educational leadership” course, I’d say that guy is an administrator now.

  2. Without a doubt this title “caught” the eye of most teachers, myself proudly included. I appreciated the author joined the chorus “to return a focus on the enrichment and creativity” even though the argument was to provide a disincentive for teachers not to cheat. My futile search for the Talmud was piqued when Tomar stated “urged by teachers or principals”. It’s the “needle in the haystack”. It’s staring the public right in the face but apparently only Joseph Blasé wants to see it.

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